Friday, January 21, 2011

Party Animals

It was a two party weekend. So I think that officially makes us party animals.
The first party was Carson's 3rd bday. His daddy works at the church in the kids department. (he also happens to be big brother to Mary Grace who was born at the same hospital just two days before Benjamin) Carson had his party at the church and it was dinosaur themed. His mama is super cute and creative:

Cute dino hats

digging for fossils

Paper mache dino eggs
(poor Catherine made these eggs and then had to watch the kids destroy them)

dirt cups that each kiddo made themselves (oh that is the bday boy himself)

All the cute kids

My neice, Maddie, had her 5th birthday party at one of those bounce places. We headed to Burlington Sunday after naps. Because of the nature of these kinds of parties we didn't get to see much of the bday girl. But she did come to go down the slide with the boys a few times. I stole these pictures from my mama, but you can see for yourself how my boys fared.
Ben had an escort on each trip

Zeke really liked this baseball thing

Ben was trying to convince PawPaw to take him down the slide

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ImaYaYa said...

Sweet, sweet, sweet boys!! Loved seeing you and them!!