Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Cold Weather Fun

Let me just throw this out there. I HATE cold weather. Really, I do. I do not care for weather below 70, I do not care for snow, I seriously dislike ice/freezing mixtures falling from the sky, I despise not being able to get out of the house to run out our crazies. Now, some of you are thinking, "Courtney, suck it up and take those boys outside". Well, we tried that. We went to the park the other day and there was ICE in the tunnels and on the slides. Sorry, but I think that could be considered child abuse.
We are having to be a bit more creative with our play inside, but the boys aren't seeming to mind the crazy things I come up with.

We moved the boys chairs to the center of the room

and they played in them for a really long time

(even though it looks like they are having a meeting)

Just some spoons and plastic containers

but a whole lot of fun!

Zeke did not care for the shaving cream


emme said...

i hate cold weather too. did you get outside yesterday when it was warm for a few hours?? I was loving it. first time hudson has played outside in a while. good seeing you on tuesday.

Kristin said...

I remember playing with shaving cream as a kid! I loved it! Jackson doesn't care too much for it either. LOL

ImaYaYa said...

Seriously.. are you really my daughter? I love snow.. and cold weather.. LOVE it.. of course, I don't have 2 young boys to deal with.. You always loved playing with shaving cream.. Zeke must take after Spencer! hahah... Ben on the other hand.. well.. let's just say.. I see him tasting it at some point!