Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Zeke is a collector. Are your boys like this? He just seems to move his collections from place to place. (Yes, he interacts and plays appropriately. I know the signs to watch for for anything fishy going on.) But it is just so funny to see what he does sometimes.

lining up his cars
(notice his milk cup, he put it there to keep it away from Sticky Fingers Ben)

More collections

He even set Ben up in hopes that, Benjamin would stop trying to take his


Pam said...

Totally Zachary!! Cars lined up, trains lined up...just about anything that will line up in his little collections! There is always a trail of something around the house!

Windot said...

Ethan does the exact same thing. My mom said my brother used to do the same thing too. Although I know there are "signs" to look for, I do think this type of thing is completely normal! Who else wouldn't want to line up all their CARS for a race?!

Kristin said...

Jackson had all his Thomas books lined up on the coffee table right now. Usually it's trains. I guess it's a boy thing! LOL

ImaYaYa said...

Christopher used to do the same thing

Bobby and Brooke said...

This was and still is Brenden!!! When he was young he ALWAYS lined up his toy, especially cars. (Remember?) Now, he still lines up his toys all the time but they are typically lined up to "play" a sport. Ha! Love it! Boy how I wish this OCD would carry over to his cleaning!