Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Conversations with Zeke pt 2

Ezekiel has become a total two year old. This definitely includes the tantrums and defiant behavior. But it also has some sweet and funny things as well. Here are some of our favorites since the last time we wrote about them:
*When told we were going to have dinner, he responded, "that be cool"- June
*"Hey, Ben, wanna hang out?"- June
*Me- "Zeke, are you mama's boy?" Zeke- "You my girl."- July
*When Spence went in to get him one morning, "I need to change diaper, I'm WET!"- September
*After going potty, "BIG PEE PEE!"- September
*When a song ends that he likes, "that's a good song"- October
*"That's a big, brown poop" after going potty at YaYa's- October
*He asks us often, "you ok?"- October
*Sings "we all live in a yellow submarine", "fruit of the spirit's not a coconut" while clicking his tongue
*When he prays, "Thank you God for Ben, for you Ben" and points to Benjamin, and then names the rest of us- October
*"Thank you for all the people", prayer one night- October
*Another night while saying prayers after thanking God for our family he said “thank you for my friends”- November
*At lunch one day he had tea and wanted more. I asked him ”you may have water, would you like me to get your some water?” he responded “no, I would like you to get me some more tea”- November
*After seeing a commercial for a Christmas parade, he told Spence “we go to parade and see a fire truck, probably a fire truck”- November
*In the car, he saw a student driver and called it a police car. I told him it was actually a student driver, he said “no, actually it is a police car” – November
*After Ben had taken his toy a few times, Zeke told him “You’re driving me crazy!” – November
*Zeke was trying to climb onto the bed with me, and Spence put Ben up. Zeke looked at Ben and said “Are you kidding me?!” – November
*His block tower fell over and he said "That's just great!"- December
*Told small group, “let’s pray guys! It’s good for you!”- December
*Since a little before Christmas, Zeke has been calling me "CurtNEE", yeah as in my first name. One day while Spencer was discplining him, Zeke was asking for mama, but when Spence told him no he started asking for Courtney.


The Coxes said...

Your kid cracks me up! I love it Curtnee!

Windot said...

My favorite was the "are you kidding me" comment after Ben was put up on the bed. That is awesome. Such a funny kid!

Pam said...

I love that you document all of these!! How fun to look back on! The tea/water one cracked me up!

Rachel said...

Wow... Zeke is hilarious! Love the "are you kidding me" and "you are driving me crazy." Too cute!