Saturday, April 7, 2012

Ben at 2.5

Profile of a 2.5 year old:
Interests: baseball, basketball, soccer, guitars, make believe
Enjoys: being outside all the time, kissing and hugging on Ellie, eating snacks
Turn-Offs: losing to Zeke at anything, being told no, leaving places before he is ready
Vices: still waking up at crazy hours, hitting in anger, throwing things when mad
Strengths: super snuggler, so funny, loves to help

Favorites of my 2 year old;
Foods: any fruit, fruit snacks, cheese, carrots
Songs: The Robot Song, Hosanna Rock, the Doxology
Shows: he asks for Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, but doesn't really watch it.  He will watch Curious George or Jake and the Neverland Pirates.  He follows Zeke's lead and talksa bout Sid the Science Kid or Super Why, but doesn't really watch them
Books: library books, but no real favorite
Toys: sports stuff (golf clubs and balls, baseballs and bats, soccer), cars, the kitchen- he constantly makes us stuff
Activities: anything outside, writing, cooking with Mama

Ben keeps us on our toes by his funny phrasing and also his made up words.  Lately everything is "WAKADO!"  He also talks about stealing sunshines (from "You are my sunshine") or shadows (from Peter Pan).  He enjoys being silly and calling everyone by different names, Fred is a fave around here

How Ben is like...
daddy- loves anything athletic and outside, must.eat.as.soon.as.awake, such a TARHEEL
mommy- so grumpy when he wakes up, quick temper :-/

Treasuring Details of our 2 year old Ben
* early riser, if he wakes before the 5:00 hour we can typically get him back to sleep in bed with us, but most mornings he is up around 5:45
*does everything BIG
*adores Zeke and always wants to be with him
*was potty trained daytime in November and naps and nights in December, but has regressed some since Ellie came home
*misses his daddy so much while he is at work
*his clinginess is so much better, but he still asks me "hold you" often
*loves having friends over or going to play with friends.  he asks almost every morning where we are going that day
* wears 18 month pants, but they are getting a bit short on him
* weighs 29 lbs
*wants snack all.day.long
*pretty decent eater, and will try most stuff once
*would live outside if we let him
*asks to go outside and scream
* knows his letters and a lot of their sounds
* loves pretend play
*would brush his teeth all day if we let him
*wants to be big and tells me often that he is
* LOVES Ellie and has really done such a great job transitioning.  We have really only had the hiccups of regressing with the potty (which can be annoying when we have to change his sheets a couple times in one night) He runs to get diapers, the boppy (or bobby as he calls it), her paci (he hasn't tried to put it in his mouth in a while now), or anything else we may need for her
* will get dressed faster if we tell him he is wearing a "daddy shirt" or "Max pants"
* started going pee pee standing up to be like "Evan and Brayden"
* can't wait until he is big enough to go to Awana like Zeke

 Go Tarheels!

 Very independent, which results in lots of messes

 quite the charmer

 loves drawing or writing letters to people

 loves his PawPaw and asks to see him a lot

 Ben is getting better about playing on his own

but still prefers to play with his two best friends

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I love this kid... such a ham...