Thursday, April 12, 2012

Farm Days

We attended NC State's Farm Days.  Basically, they open up one of the farms and have chickens, cows, a horse, tractors, knee high fields of grass, and some of their delish icecream.  It was fun, but what Spence and I realized is that it was a bit ridiculous for us to stand in line for 20 minutes to sit on a tractor, when the boys can go to YaYa and PawPaw's house and take a ride anytime they want.  Being a country girl, I just wasn't that impressed, but my boys loved it.  And hey, my parent's house doesn't come with the yum icecream :)  The funniest part was that the boys enjoyed running in the field more than any other part.  The Allison clan and us had to drag the kids away.  They loved rolling down the hill and hiding in the grass. 

 The closest any chick better get to him

 and him too

 The Gaston clan joined us and we had such a blast

Petting a sheep

 Holt and the sheep

 Katie and I chanted to ourselves "Please don't jump that fence, please don't jump that fence!"

 Top three people I don't want driving a tractor

 Goofy boys

 Best part of the day

 Pic of Mary Grace that Zeke jumped in

 Zeke had a blast just playing in the field


Pondering life

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