Monday, April 2, 2012

what do you do with 1 3 year old, 3 2 year olds, and 3 babies...

Join the rest of the crazy masses at Pullen Park on a Friday morning!  This was our first visit to the park.  It has been closed for a while now for renovations.  I went a couple times in college and even have friends who got engaged at the park.  There are the typical park features with swings, play structures, sandboxes, and even see saws.  Then there are the extra cool features: the train, boats, carousel, resaurant (that has LOCOPOPS!), and tons of pretty areas just screaming "photo op!"
We met up with Matt and Alicia with their boys Brantley and Brayden, and also Jason and Leslie with thier boys Max and Charlie.  Max, Brantley, and Ben were all born in the same week so they have a neat friendship.

 We were all haveing flashes forward to about 13 years to a car full of boys

 Alicia and her boys

 Ben cried everytime the train pulled away until we got on it.  EVERY.SINGLE.TIME

 Aaaand Brantley cried when they had to get off the boats

 This sweet chubby boy did not make a peep the whole day.  He was so pleasant and happy

 Silly Ben

 Sweet daddy/son moment (or Zeke being disciplined for acting a fool)

 Douglas family

My big boys 

 The carousel is inside and these boys were in awe

 Ben was excited... Spence was more excited

 Zeke refused to ride an animal, so he Ellie and I chilled on this
(I ended up being happy he did, this is the fastest merry-go-round I have ever been on and Zeke began saying "wow, I'm getting dizzy, this is sooo fast" about half way through)

 Leslie and Charlie

 Our lunch spread

 My sweet girl

 a little bubble action

 Ben's fave mode of transportation lately


 Finally on the train!

 Attempting a family pic (btw this is the only pic of the 5 of us since the hospital, might need to remedy this)

Ben and his buddy Max


Cyndi - YaYa said...

Oh my gosh!! How sweet.. looks like you guys had a great time!! You'll have to take me ...

Short Stop said...

LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE! Love these photos. Looks like the perfect day!

Tara said...

We love Pullen Park! So glad you went!

Anonymous said...

Love these pictures and love your family ;)

Jenn & David said...

LOVE Pullen Park. We were hoping to go tomorrow but with the rain I think we are going to steer clear. Looks like you really enjoyed the park too!