Saturday, January 28, 2012

Happy Feet, Happy Feet, and Popper

Spence and I took the boys to Build A Bear to make a stuffed animal for themselves and also one to give Ellie.  Spencer and I agreed on a price to spend and the boys beelined to the penguin on the wall.  Thankfully, it was on sale that day for the price that we had agreed on and we didn't have to break two hearts.  Both boys chose the new penguin from Happy Feet 2 (but they think it is from the original).  They enjoyed choosing, making and then naming them the exact same thing, Happy Feet!  They also enjoyed stuffing a polar bear for baby sister because polar bears and penguins live together.  Zeke chose to name her bear Popper. 

 Kissing the heart to put in the penguin

 Putting the heart in

 Zeke putting his heart inside

 Zeke wasn't interested in pushing the pedal to stuff his animal, but Ben jumped right in

 Smile, Happy Feet!

 Big squeeze!

 Zeke helped to stuff Ellie's bear once he got used to it

 Both boys really got into cleaning/brushing/washing their animals

 Brush, brush, brush

Even Dad helped


Tara said...

Such a fun time for all!

Sarah said...

This is really sweet and such a great idea Courtney!