Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2012 Book List

I stole this idea from my friend Kelly, who credits the idea from Money Saving Mom.  I love this idea of choosing some very intentional books for me to read through out the course of the year.  I am a reader by nature.  As in, I can not fall asleep at night with out reading for at least 20ish minutes.  I credit this to my mama, who made us read every night for 30 minutes.  She made it a fun thing of being allowed to stay up and read.  As a mom I now know she threw our butts in the bed 30 minutes earlier than what time she wanted us to go to sleep and let us think it was a treat.  Smart lady.  She got herself a few minutes (and boy did she need it with us three kids) and also fostered a love of reading for each of her children.  I do have to admit that I read what Spence would call "trash".  I am not sitting up in bed reading Systematic Theology by any means.  I read as an escape most of the time.  (although I do put away some heavy stuff as well)  Since this is the way I typically read, I have tried to choose some books that are fiction/helpful.  Here is my list.  I would love to hear what you plan to read in the next year or what you have read and think I should check out.  (Oh and my list is only 12 books- hello, I'm having a baby, and I am also not going to assign a month to be read in just in case things go a bit wonky after we have 3 kids in our house)


Rachael Davis said...

Oooh, I LOVE this list!!!!

Tara said...

Your list sounds great! I have read the one by Noel Piper as well as the Little Years and loved both!

YaYa *Cyndi* said...

oh.. you made me tear up... I'm glad you love to read.. like I always said.. you can go anywhere in the world through books.. And, you're right.. I did do the 30 minutes early trick! it worked too!

Sarah said...

oooo Good stuff! Thanks for posting this Courtney! You're inspiring me as well!

Sarah W.

Krista said...

Love your book list!! And love catching up on your blog. What precious kiddos!! Miss you friend!