Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Jump around

Yes, we are those crazy people who now have a mini-trampoline hanging out in our living room.  When I put this on Ben's Christmas list for the grandparents, I wasn't sure what they would think.  Spence's mom said no way was she getting it and sending us to the ER.  My mom laughed and immediately went online to buy it.  To say that the boys LOVE it is such an understatement.  They wake up jumping, they go to bed jumping.  If they get wild and need some activity while their mama is laying on the couch, I send one to run a few laps through our kitchen/living room/dining room and one to jump and then they switch. 

 "Ladies and gentlemen, the "AMAZING Jumping Zekers!" 

"Ladies and JELLYBEANS! It's Ben!"

It's even a good spot for a rest

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YaYa *Cyndi* said...

hahaha... yep.. that about sums it up!LOL.. Loveyou!