Wednesday, March 16, 2011

17 month post (a lot late)

Profile of an 17-month-old Benjamin

It isn't a dr. appt month, so all I have is his weight and today it was 22 lbs (fully dressed)

  • Enjoys: throwing everything, reading, talking, tackling, being outside
  • Turn Offs: coming inside, being told no, any food besides crackers or fruit right now
  • Strengths: cuddly, shares well (at times), can entertain himself
  • Vices: throwing food, temper tantrums, still not a great sleeper

Favorites of an 17-month-old Ben:

  • Foods: fruit, fruit, fruit- he seriously will eat a meal of only fruit and be content
  • Songs: If You're Happy and You Know it, My God is so Big
  • Shows: still not interested really ( I love this about him!)
  • Books: Anything he can lift a flap on is a favorite, but no one book in particular right now
  • Toys: anything Zeke has
  • Activities: putting cards into a shoebox, tackling Daddy or Zeke

New Words:
Too many to list. He is basically repeating everything we say right now. He said his first prayer recently "God, blueberries, Amen". One of his favorite things to say is "My Zeke". He lays claim to everything and apparently that includes his brother.

How 17-month-old Benjamin is like his...
mommy - he's a bit temperamental and knows how to throw a mean tantrum
daddy - facial expressions, a morning person (UGH, I know)

Here is an example of a tantrum from Ben:

Moments I want to remember:

Ben's a lot of fun and is game for anything I want to try with him

I love, love, love his "cheese face"

I was sent this pic when our friend Lindsay was babysitting

2 things about this one: he is sweet and snuggly and he LOVES animals

He sometimes gets himself into situtaions that he can't get out of

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ImaYaYa said...

Cute.. cute.. and cuter!
Can't wait to see the tantrum video.. it isn't up yet.. haha