Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Fabulous Four

The year that Benjamin was born, there were three other staff babies born in the same week. Two of those at the same hospital and checking out the morning we had Ben. (They both came by and visited before they left, it was pretty cool) Here is the order Oct 4- Max born to Leslie and Jason, Oct 5- Mary Grace born to Catherine and Matt, Oct 7- Ben, and Oct 10- Brantley born to Matt and Alicia. Since the babies were born, we have tried to get them together for a playdate. Yes, it took 17 months, but we finally hung out at Marbles a couple weeks ago. (oh and there were 2 big brothers who joined us as well- Mary Grace's brother Carson, and Zeke)
4 Oct babies

Studs! (my fave part is Max's arm on the seat)

MG and Ben didn't think Brantley's driving was so great

Z got in on the fun with the two B-boys!

Marbles opened a new exhibit, a Vet with animals and everything!
I had to include this bc Brantley and Zeke look like they should be related, don't they?

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ImaYaYa said...

What a greata looking group of kids.. what's in the water at your church?? hmm... LOL..
Love the pictures.. I definately need to come down and go to Marbles with you and the boys.. we should bring the girls!!