Saturday, July 31, 2010

Visits with friends

We were able to hang out with some of the Brown girls recently. Austin Kate was greatly missed, but she was having a blast in Grammyland. Can I just put it on record how happy I am that they are back in NC. I am pretty sure that 85 is gonna get some miles between our two families visiting :)

I could eat her!

The two redheads

Some Zeke and Ave loving

This picture doesn't do justice to these thighs!

Zeke loves him some Jaime...or her camera...

Quick story: While on a double date, years ago, with Nate and Jaime we found this ship at Frankie's. Check out the name of the ship. We saw it and fell in love! I told Jaime if they ever had another girl that they HAD to use this name. Here is a picture of Atalie with her namesake. Jaime, I think it should be a photo op every time ya'll come this way.

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