Tuesday, August 26, 2014

A week in the life of essential oils

We have had a week, ya'll.  I am talking one of those that you want to just run away and never come back kinds.  I know I posted a loooooooong time ago about how I was jumping on this whole witch's brew bandwagon of oils.  And then, life happened and I didn't actually blog in real time, for oh 7 months.  I thought I would update you and tell you how we use them daily.  This week was a rough week, so I thought it would show a great typical use and also when trouble strikes.    I am just going to list out the oils and write by them what we used them for this week:

In the starter kit-
Lavender- put in Ellie's diffuser to help her sleep at night, used on any bump or bruise that Benjamin finds on himself, put into a spray bottle with water and the boys pillows sprayed each night to help with sleep, put into a pain mix for Zeke's jaw after his teeth stuff, in my allergy blend because we are all battling a cold or something
Lemon- in the allergy blend, in my water because my kidneys have been screaming at me for drinking not enough water and too much coke (but caffeine y'all), in a roller to help with wake up and getting some energy
Peppermint- on Zeke's belly and feet when he started throwing up, in the allergy blend, across my head for a headache, in the pain mix for Zeke's jaw, in a roller to help wake me up and give me a boost of energy
Valor- in Ellie's diffuser for sleeping, in Zeke's pain mix, on Zeke before he went to the dentist to help him calm down and not be anxious
Peace & Calming- for all our crazy afternoons
Stress Away- all.day.every.day, not really but almost, I took a bath with it and some epsom salts, I diffuse it when I felt like I was thisclose to losing it, I rubbed it on my wrists before I took Zeke to the dr
Purification- with all the stress, I am breaking out so I put a drop on any blemishes, around Zeke's ear, in the laundry to help get out pukey smell, clean out germs, and oh yeah all that laundry I forgot was in the washer, I also diffused this in the bathroom to get rid of stinky smells, and diffused it in the kitchen to clean the air and get rid of germs
Thieves- on everyone's feet to boost our immunity and get rid of germs, diffused to clear the air, I actually also have a Thieves toothpaste that I use daily as well, we have Thieves cleaner that we use for all cleaning,  Thieves soap in the kitchen, and Thieves hand sanitizer in the diaper bag
Frankincense- in the pain mix for Zeke's tooth pain
Pan-Away- in the pain mix for Zeke's tooth pain

Extras I have
Digize- for Zeke's tummy troubles
Orange- I diffused this with Stress Away because it smells so so good
Deep Relief- head aches, lent to a friend with a migraine
RC- on the chest for clearing up a cough
Cedarwood- on my big toe to help me sleep (yes I did go to bed one night at 7:30 and except for being awakened off and on by kids, I fell right back to sleep and stayed there until 7:00 am)
Oregano- with Thieves to kick all these colds and sickness to the curb
Ningxia Red- this is a juice, I drank one tube (2 oz) when my kidneys started acting up to boost my immune system

As you can see, a lot of stuff is just part of our routine and what we do everyday.  I love being able to fight back with all the junk with out having to run to prescription meds with each little thing our family has.  I am not anti-doctor or anti-meds.  Zeke took some Tylenol and some Motrin this week because I was so worried about his pain but the oils helped faster and better.  He asked for those but never asked for medicine.  He is also currently on a prescription for his ear, but I am using my oils also alongside it because well I don't want him to have hearing loss obviously.  I also feel like I need to say, this is what our family does.  I have researched and weeded out what we feel comfortable doing.  I am not a doctor and will not diagnose you. :)

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