Monday, August 4, 2014

Beach Week 2014

We took advantage of Zeke's year round schedule, and spent his first track out week at Holden Beach.  We were able to rent a fantastic house from some sweet friends of ours. It was seriously the perfect house.  PLENTY of room, a pool, great spot on the beach, toys because they also have kids.  We fell in love with Holden Beach as well.  There was a fun ice cream place, awesome dinner spot, putt putt, italian ice, a candy shop, and more!  We can't wait to go back!

Loved the pool

The hot tub doesn't work so we used it as a small pool.  It was perfect!

The kids all loved swinging in the hammock

GORGEOUS rainbow

The boys learned to play UNO

Ben does not have a poker face

Zeke enjoyed making Uncle Scott draw LOTS of cards

this wild girl, honestly the ocean reminds me so much of her.  It's crazy, unpredictable, beautiful, fun. All things we could use to describe our girl

She enjoyed waking up EARLY everyday.  I'm talking before 5:00 so most mornings she fell back to sleep on the couch watching tv.

early morning snuggles

He takes such good care of all of his siblings, but he has the sweetest relationship with both his sisters

This is Haddie, on the beach.  She didn't like the sand

Girl, can jump

So, Spence and the boys enjoyed this raft.  There is a fantastic video that includes me screaming Spencer's name repeatedly while our kids were flung out of the raft and grasping desperately for their lives (and I may exaggerate a wee bit, but this is my blog so I can tell the story how I please so there)

on the way to the ferry, every.single.kid fell asleep. and it was glorious

Our family at Provision Co.

our whole beach crew

Stomp Rocket

The boys love it!

Italian ice

Spence and I had it twice in less than 24 hours

more sweetness

happy for a bit on the blanket

super cool guy

brave boy loved the water so much

wild one

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