Thursday, August 14, 2014

My 8/8/08 baby turned 6

Zeke's birthday was on a Friday this year and he was tracked out.  We let him pretty much plan the whole day.  We started it with cake for breakfast and presents from us.  We let him choose lunch and dinner.  We had a great day telling him about the day he was born and how exciting and unexpected it was.  His party was a Planes:Fire and Rescue party and was supposed to be at the airport.  We had to move the party to our house though because of the weather.  We themed out everything in orange, blue and white.  We made paper airplanes, threw paper airplanes and gliders through different hoola hoops, my sister in law even made balloon animals (which let's be honest was the H I T of the party). We had cupcakes from a friend who is raising money to go on a mission trip by baking.  Ya'll they were amazing and she even made a big cupcake for Zeke.  It was so sweet and special.  He had a great 6th birthday!

birthday morning

birthday cake breakfast

birthday selfie

his huge cupcake

Happy happy birthday to our boy

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