Tuesday, January 15, 2013

11 months girl

We can hardly believe that in 1 month, Ellie will be a year old.  It seems like she has just been here for so long.  And then at the same time it seems like yesterday that I was miserable and wanting her to come on out!  She is so laid back and sweet.  She just goes with whatever we are doing, which is good in this crazy world that she is living in.  She is wearing mostly 12 month clothing and size 3 diapers.  She still takes 2 naps and sleeps all night.  She gave up nursing a couple weeks ago and that has been a challenge.  She has never liked bottles and doesn't seem to like cups.  After trying 13 different ones, we have discovered that she will drink from a straw.  This was after getting desperate a few times and feeding her liquids through medicine droppers.  (so I guess she isn't laid back in this area, ha).  She still doesn't crawl, but scoots everywhere on her bottom.
11 month basket picture

Girl loves a bath

Deep thoughts with Ellie

Cruising everywhere

Still a pretty good sleeper overall.  We have had to go back and do some sleep training, which is no fun, but so worth it to get her back on track

She loves a bow and will point to her hair when you ask her where her bow is.

She is all over the place.  She may not crawl, but there is no stopping her

Poor thing is flexible and willing to do whatever her brothers or parents think is funny

That sweet face!

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