Thursday, January 17, 2013

Emie and Ellie

We weren't able to spend quite as much time as we would have liked with the Eayrs. Between kiddos getting sick, adults getting sick, Christmas, plus traveling there just weren't many days in there. We got to have lunch one day and then a couple visits. It will just have to hold us over until either we can get over there or they get back here :-/
Emie is a walking machine. She started while they were here which was wonderful for Amber's parents to get to see. Ellie didn't know what to think of someone her size running circles around her. It was so awesome getting to see my best friend be a mom. And she is such a good mom.
The last picture is my favorite. We will say this is what happened when we told Emie she was going back home, but really she was just having a moment and we plunked her down for the photo op :)

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Cyndi - YaYa said...

SWEET!! 2 cute girls!