Friday, January 4, 2013

Starting the year off with a bang

Literally, we started the year with a bang.  Ben was running around and playing when he slipped.  He fell and hit his head on our hardwoods.  This is nothing new in our house.  Him standing up and then immediately crumbling to the floor passed out, not so norm.  Spence began trying to wake him, and I grabbed him and ran outside.  The cool air revived him and he began fussing that he was cold.  He seemed ok, so we started dinner and called the dr.  The dr told us to stop feeding him and take a direct trip to the ER.  After getting checked out, it was determined that he did have a concussion, but would be ok.  Ben was so brave the whole time at the ER, I think largely because I told him we would get ice cream after we left.  Here's hoping the rest of 2013 isn't as eventful.
Ben was a champ in the ER

He was most excited about getting icecream as a treat after the hospital

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