Thursday, March 15, 2012

30 days

Wow!  The time really is flying by with this baby girl.  I feel like she has just slipped into our family so naturally that it's seems like longer at times.  The boys continue to adore her.  Zeke can be heard often saying "I think she likes me" and Ben is obsessed with giving her her paci and calling her "girly girl".  I am so excited for her to have these big brothers. 
New stuff:
Ellie smiled for the first time at me last week.  She has since smiled at both brothers.  She is stingy though with her daddy and hasn't given him one yet.  (we think it's because she knows once she does he will turn to mush and be a sucker)
We took Ellie to the doctor on Monday for a sick visit (her first).  She has had a running nose for almost 3 weeks and a nasty cough for almost 2, so we decided to have her looked over to be sure we weren't missing anything.  Because our practice is so awesome, Melissa (our favorite NP) said she would go ahead and do the well check as well so we wouldn't have to come back on Wednesday.  (side note, so glad I didn't change peds offices even if it is 25 minutes away) 
Our girl is weighing in at 8 pounds, 15 ounces which puts her at the 50%.  She is now 21 inches and is in the 55% there.  I can't believe that in a months time she has almost gained 3 pounds.  She is still wearing mostly newborn clothing though.  0-3 month stuff falls off!  We are using up the newborn diapers and movig into size 1's.  They are a bit big and she has leaked once, but newborns are tight around her big ol belly.
Other memories:
She has started spitting up quite a bit.  And by quite a bit I mean she and I both have to change our clothes.  She generally only does it once or twice a day, but when she does it is rough!
I feel like every other night we have a GREAT night of sleep sometimes going 4 hours between feedings.  On the bad nights though, I sleep in the rocker holding her the entire night :(
She seems to like to be swaddled with her arms out which makes me a bit sad because I love me some wrapped up babies.  (she has made it longer than Ben, who decided at 2 weeks to sleep on his tummy)
She naps really well in her swing during the day
She is so much more alert and is having about a 20-40 minute awak time after she eats.  (the boys love when she is awake)

 One month basket pic

 Carolina blue bow

Bib from Keva (worn at first sick visit/1 month dr check up)

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Cyndi - YaYa said...

So sweet this baby girl.. I agree.. the boys adore her.. and will continue until she's big enough to take Doc Hudson or Lighting McQueen away... haha
by the way...YaYa adores her too and I love seeing the boys with her..