Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Headbands, alligator clips, no slippi hair clippy... have I lost you yet?  I have entered a whole other world here.  I can say I am enjoying it.  I had always said if I ever had a girl, she would have a bow in the hospital.  Well, we accomplished that.  But when we got home I realized that a lot of the bows were too big to fit around her head.  So, I went on a search.  I ordered from Carrie McQuaid, of Caroline G,  who goes to our church.  Hers isn't too big and is adorable and actually came with two bows that can clip on the headband or be used alone.  Carrie is awesome and I can't wait for her new dressline to come out.  I also ordered from itty bitty baby bows.  These bows are pretty different because you stick them to the baby's head.  The bows came with a tube of surgilube (the stuff at the doctor's office).  It doesn't work extremely well, so after I use it up I will use something else to stick them on.
Now onto the cuteness

 First itty bitty bow

 First Caroline G bow

another itty bitty but I just really liked this picture :)