Friday, March 2, 2012

Rocking in style

We got a new chair for the nursery!  When we had Zeke, I was way more concerned with what would look good.  We got a white wooden rocker that looked great in the room, but was so horribly uncomfortable.  I now tell soon to be parents to splurge on two things a good stroller (highly recommend our Phil and Ted) and a good rocker.  You are going to spend a ridiculous amount of time in that chair so make it something you don't hate sitting in.  We chose something that we can put into our living room or a play room one day when we are done with middle of the night feedings.  (but with how hard it was to get this sucker up the stairs and into the room, it may just stay there forever)  I have already slept a bit in the chair and have to say it's amazing and perfect!


veronicagreear said...

That's EXACTLY what I tell people when they ask me!!! Did I ever tell you that, and you just blew it off;)? Or did I not fill you in? If thats the case I apologize! If there is a third option, I also tell them (if they have room!) to get a movable, fully adjustable durable cleanable nice high chair. LOVE THE BOWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cyndi - YaYa said...

Good advice!! Love the chair!