Thursday, December 1, 2011


So, round two of potty training a boy began a couple weeks ago.  I wasn't sure how Ben would take to my method I used with Zeke.  After day 1 we were both so worn out I didn't want to try for day 2.  It has taken a bit more motivation for Ben (bribery of chocolate hasn't really been enough for this boy).  On the flip side though, it has been easier in some ways.  He has woken dry from naps and nights (he is still in a diaper for those) the past 3 days.  It took Zeke 6 months and me just taking the dipes away to get him off that crutch.  Ben has learned to pee on command when we take him, he is only averaging 1 accident a day and it is a poop accident so I don't even really count it.  He isn't telling us before he has to go yet, so we have to stay on top of how long it's been and what he has had to drink.  But I think we can safely say I have 2 potty trained boys!!!

 We always read on the potty

 Please notice Zeke being the proud big brother in the background (he has been the biggest supporter of Ben's pt-ing I think)

 Do you see that tiny little toosh?!

 So proud of his undies!!!

There's always a naked escape while in serious training... like any good mom I grab the camera instead of clothing

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YaYa *Cyndi* said...

PRECIOUS!! I love the photo journal! Ben's not gonna be so happy about it.. but it does a Yaya's heart good!!