Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Morning Recap

We spend Christmas morning just us in our home.  We love not rushing the boys through opening gifts.  Our routine is wake up and do stockings, read Jesus' birth story over breakfast and pray together, then open gifts from one another.  (no, we don't do Santa gifts. yes we already know about how we are stealing our boys childhoods and blah blah blah.) 
This year Benjamin of course was up before 6, but Spencer is a saint and entertained both boys until around 7:30.  We leisurely went through everything.  Once we opened our gifts it took us about an hour and a half for the boys to open 3 gifts each because they wanted to play with each one. 
This was the first year that we let the boys choose gifts for us.  I think next year we may give them a little help and also let them choose gifts for each other.  I don't have pictures of my gifts from the boys, but I want to remember that Ben chose a pink hat and gloves and Zeke chose a dog that plays "Who Let The Dogs Out?" He wanted to get me a pink dog and even through a bit of a fit in Target when Spencer tried to convince him the singing dog wasn't really what I wanted.  I love my gifts and the fact that the boys thought of them all on their own.  Spence got a school bus from Ben and a rocket ship from Zeke.  He hasn't seen either since Christmas morning :)
The rest of the day, we played and just hung out.  For dinner, we went over to the Douglas house.  Zeke, Ben, and Max played so well together.  Charlie slept the whole time pretty much (he is a month old).  And the adults stuffed ourselves and enjoyed hanging out and having full conversations. 
Here's the morning in pictures:

 Ben was excited about writing

 Zeke tried to read the book, but it was a notepad...

 Probably the boys most loved gift,

 but not mom and dad...

 The BIG gift

 Both boys got "cooters" (as Ben calls it)

 Immediately setting up toys as they are opened :)

 Ben chose a school bus for dad, and immediately took it

 I'm not even sure Spence got to touch the rocket ship from Zeke

 Yes, they are wearing these just around the house

 but hey, when you look this good why wouldn't you?

One more gift they immediately had to open and begin playing with

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Bobby and Brooke said...

Ha! These pictures are a blast! I love the boys stealing back their gifts for Spence! Ha! Cracks me up!!! It looks like a great Christmas day celebration!