Friday, December 23, 2011

The big box

Warning: The picture quality is poor

We had to get Benjamin a new carseat because his last one was out of date and a piece broke off. 
(side note, the whole expiration thing on carseats is legit,  the carseat we were using had just recently expired and a piece just snapped for no reason except that it's part of the normal wear and tear on the seat.  So, moral of this story is check your carseat for an expiration and replace it if necessary- it's for the safety of some pretty special cargo)
And we are back.  Where were we, oh yeah... carseat.  Of course the boys were way more excited about the HUGE box that it came in.  We had fun for a couple days in it and I had actually planned to poke holes in one side and string some lights through it. 

I changed my mind when we let the boys sit the box upright and play in it.  Spence literally walked about 4 steps away before we heard lots of screaming and crying.  The box had tipped.  Ben tumbled out.  Onto the couch.  Chin first.  He got a carpet burn so bad he bled.  For a while.  This is what it looked like a couple days later:

So, the box is residing in the garage ready for a prank or something else creative.  But probably not for the boys..

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