Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Benjamin at 20 months

Ben is 4 months from turning 2. This is a bit crazy for me to think about. I still think of him as such a baby, but he constantly reminds me that he isn't. He keeps us on his toes and we love everyday with him! Currently he:

Enjoys: all things water, all fruit, reading, and going anywhere all the time
Turn-offs: being told no, veggies and not too much meat, when mommy won't hold him
Vices: tackling Zeke, waking up OFTEN-THROUGH-THE-NIGHT still, throwing everything
Strengths: shares pretty well with others, willing to try new experiences, lights up when he sees his family

Favorites of my 20 month old:
Food: all things fruit, any snacks
Shows: likes the characters from Toy Story and Cars, but doesn't really watch the movies
Books: no favorites right now
Toys: torpedo (for the pool), cars, coffee pot and oven mitt from play kitchen
Activities: any water activities, rolling cars, sitting on lawnmowers at Lowe's

How Ben is currently like his:
mommy: wakes up so cranky!
daddy: has the BEST smile
Zeke: in every way he can be, he is in ultimate copycat mode

Scoliosis update: we have Ben's recheck with the pediatric orthopedic surgeon TODAY at 8:45. You can be praying for this appointment for us. And also, check back for an update.
Update: Ben doesn't have to go back for a year!! The doctors were all great and we are so thrilled with the news!

Treasuring moments I don't want to forget:

  • Ben is still quite fiery in personality. He knows what he wants and lets you know this as well. One of his most frequent requests is to be outside.

  • He has no fear of water. It can be a bit unnerving. He tries to blow bubbles in the tub or pool, he dumps water on top of his head, he dunks his head under the faucet. He is only cautious of the sprinkler, but doesn't seem to mind the fountain at the pool, weirdy

  • He loves babies and points them out everywhere we go. This is so bittersweet for me. I have wondered how he would be around babies and seeing that he loves little bitties is so sweet. On the flipside, once they hit about 6 months he doesn't like them so much...

  • He has sat on the potty about once a day for the past few days. He tells us as soon as he poops and wants to be changed. I am thinking potty training will be sooner than I had originally thought.

  • He tries to count when we play hide and seek and actually can get the order pretty well.

  • He is also trying to say the sounds of the alphabet and tries to sing the song.

  • He learned last months verse along with Zeke (Z's first one, video coming soon). He doesn't actually say it but can get a couple words and does the motions.

  • He loves to sing and likes to go to worship time with Zeke at church.

  • Ben has begun to start those wonderful 2 year old tantrums. But weirdly he obeys when told to stay in time out until he has finished crying.

  • He still is clingy with mom. He follows me around the house saying "hold you, hold you, hold you". Mama, I guess this is my payback for the tantrums I gave you.

  • Ben fell in love with his extended family over the last month. He has always recognized and enjoyed time with them, but things have evolved. After staying for a week with YaYa and PawPaw and then a beach trip with Nana and Bampa. He is constantly asking where they are and trying to call them on toy cellphones.

  • He also loved spending time with his aunts and uncles. His Uncle Rik and he became buddies while playing on the farm

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ImaYaYa said...

Sweet, sweet Ben!! Yes, Courtney, he has a lot of your personality... which I love by the way and secretly laugh over the whole "hold you" thing... LOVE it!!