Friday, June 24, 2011


Confession: I love Nutella. No, like I really love it. I like it on toast, Nilla wafers, bananas, smores, anything really.
Confession: I have passed my love onto the boys. Zeke's fave way to eat it is by dipping mini Nilla wafers into a scoop. Ben's fave way is just all over.

Ben's Nutella Face

Zeke's happy Nutella face


ImaYaYa said...

Nutella is good... I'm about to make a pie with it...

Tara said...

I love Nutella too! I put it on a croissant the other morning and toasted it~ HEAVENLY!

The Rinaldi's said...

We have a Nutella obcession too! Soooo good we have to buy it at Costco to get it two packs at a time :)

Su said...

oh I am laughing. . .we love it too!! A new found love for us!!

So what the kids did. . was spread peanut butter on a sheet on wax paper. . then spread nutella over the pb. . then topped with pretzels. And made a big sheet. Then put it in the freezer. . oh my word. . sooo good. . like Reese's Cups. . .but a little bit healthier :)

Messy to make. .but the kids did that part :)

and you can find good deals and coupons on Nutella too :)