Saturday, June 18, 2011

The world stopped...

You know where froze over, the fat lady sang, whatever expression you choose, it happened Friday night. Do you know how I know? Both (count them, 1, 2) of my children slept from 8pm until 7 am with out waking up once. There weren't any cries out for needing to use the potty or trying to find pacis or even just wanting some company. Instead we all slept. It was glorious, it was amazing.
"But wait", you say... "Aren't your kids 2 months shy from turning 3 years old and 20 months?" Why yes I reply, but this is how we roll in our house (against, my wishes, anyone who knows me knows sleep is my bff).
"Why, Courtney, pray tell how did you get them to sleep?" Oh, it was no big deal, we just played at a park on blow up things all-morning-long, didn't take good naps and then went to the pool until past bedtime. And no, I can't do that everyday, so don't EVEN think of suggesting it.

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Andy, Erin Ashley, Emma Grace, and Jack said...

The Huffmans like to roll the same way you guys do. Sleeping through the night is a distant memory from some past life I once lived. I'll pray for you when I'm up in the night. so glad you got a full night's sleep. I am always surprised and shocked when I wake up and it's morning and everyone has slept all night. I often think, Oh gosh, are they ok-this isn't like them! lots of love from another sleep deprived mama.