Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Jace Christopher Little

The boys and I got to meet my baby brother's first baby last night. It is so weird to think of him and Michelle as parents, but we are oh, so excited for them! Zeke was super cute. He kept saying "Hey there, Jace! How ya doin? Wanna go play? Play baseball, soccer ball, tennis ball? Play at YaYa's?" Ben, well, Ben didn't love Mommy holding anyone else so much, but he suffered through me getting a few newborn squeezes in. It was so weird to hold a big newborn. Michelle is a rockstar. This chunk weighed in at 8lb 14 oz. Yeah, seriously that is 2 lbs bigger than my biggest kid at birth. Michelle may just be my newest hero. Here are some sweet pictures I have stolen of the super cute newest addition to the Little clan.

Proud daddy

Proud PawPaw
totally different from 4 years ago when he held his first grandbaby

My boys hamming it up for the camera

Trying to convince Zeke to give him a kiss, and not sure what Bubba was doing to Ben...


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Oh.. I love seeing all my boys in one picture.. can't wait for the day all 5 of the grandies are in one.. hint, hint...