Saturday, August 7, 2010

Benjamin is 10 months

Ben has become a wild man in the last couple weeks. He cut his first tooth and it finally popped through on July 8 on the bottom. His second tooth popped through on the top on July 28 and then the third on the bottom on the 29th. He is cruising all over and has even stood with out holding on a couple times. He is climbing everything! He loves finger feeding himself. He has had a couple of full meals of food that he was able to feed himself and he definitely prefers that over me feeding him. And he has been learning some things from his brother- see if you can pick out the picture I am talking about...

He can get up to the 5th stair, but then either lays down or just lunges off.
This is his favorite toy

and this is his favorite way to play

His first real meal: peas, peaches, and cheerios

MODEL POSE! remember this?

He gets himself into some funny situations


Silly baby

He loves to point!

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ImaYaYa said...

What a special boy he is!!! Love, love LOVE him !!! Looks like you're going to be on your toes even more than you already are!!