Thursday, November 15, 2012

Ellie 9 months

Ellie is 9 months.  I will soon be planning her first birthday... OK let's just stop before the tears start coming.  This was a busy month just like the past few.  With Halloween and her first Cornhuskin, plus just everyday stuff, she has grown a ton.  We went to the dr. for her check up and she is 20 pounds and 13 ounces putting her in the 85%, 27.5 inches long- 50%, and her head is 75%.  Spence has asked if she needs to go on diet breastmilk :) She is wearing mostly 9 month, but some 12 month stuff.  Still in size 3 diapers.  We have to keep shoes on her (just the Robeez types) so that she will keep socks on.  She doesn't crawl yet or even try to get on all fours.  She is kind of doing a scooting on her bottom or wiggles and rolls around.  She lights up at her brothers.  Loves peek-a-boo.  Says dada the most, but has said mama, nigh nigh (for night night), bbb (for bye bye), and hey. 
Ellie finally figured out how to use the walker

She loves anything her brothers are doing

Ben asked to take a picture with her
We had to get new tires and walked to hang out at daddy's office one day.  Cutie fell asleep on the walk and snoozed on the chilly walk

She still isn't crawling, but can scoot and roll all over the place

This girl is so beautiful, sweet cheeks and kissable lips

 hanging out with daddy and he fell asleep

she tried to stow away on one of daddy's trips

loves taking a bath like a big girl

We have decided she will win any V-sit competition

She uses this to terrorize her brothers
Zeke said "I jsut love her squishy cheeks!"

Sweet girl just before bed

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Cyndi - YaYa said...

Sweet, sweet girl.. I love her squeeshy cheeks too Zeke!