Monday, November 5, 2012

Halloween x3

My kiddos dressed up three times this year.  First, the administrative staff at the church had the staff kiddos come trick or treat (seriously the cutest thing EVER).  Second, Halloween night in our neighborhood.  Third, Trunk or Treat at the boys' preschool.  It was kind of a good thing, because Ellie had 3 (!) costumes.  I know seriously right.  Poor Ben didn't get a costume at all his first one and Ellie gets 3!  (OK, give some credit, the boy was only 3 weeks his first Halloween)
Zeke was a rocket ship and Ben a Ninja Turtle (or Injun Turtle if you ask him)

Outfit #1- UNC cheerleader

This was too funny not to do.  The Thompson boys were Thing 1 and Thing 2 and let us borrow a wig for a photo op.  (Also, big thanks to Cynthia and Kathryn for hanging onto E the whole time!)

Ellie LOVES babies.  It's the first real difference I have seen in behavior between my boys and her.  She went NUTS over Jack.  It's been rumored that she tries to hold his hand in nursery. (side note, check me out in the background with out any kids and a plate full of desserts, heaven)

Ladybug is costume #2

headed to the first house

we trick or treated with some small group friends who were dressed at policemen

chubby little bug!

HORRIBLE pic, sorry.  But we set up and gave out hot chocolate and candy with our small group again this year.  I love doing this for our neighbors.  It is such a great way to meet people

TRUNK or TREAT.  This concept was a bit odd for the boys
OH, and Ben shucked his costume not even half way through. 

Convo between a rocket and a bee

Happy little bumblebee!

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