Thursday, May 17, 2012


There was an end of year awards ceremony for Awana.  It has been so great seeing Zeke blossom this year.  He started the year rough with crying at every drop off.  He ended the year with running into class and hugging his teacher.  We weren't great about memorizing verses (totally my fault and not because he coulnd't have done it.  I was just slack), but we had decided our family goal was for him to enjoy going and get more used to being away from mommy some.  We definitely accomplished this goal, with the help of his teacher and the rest of the Awana team.  We love you, Zeke and can't wait for next year's Awana!

Zeke's class coming in

Sweet buddies, Zeke and Lincoln

The reason Zeke had such a great year.  Thank you, Ms. Miranda!!!

Sweetest picture ever.  I was trying to snap a picutre of Zeke (failed because of Gaynor waving to Hudson).  BUT Lincoln saw me and began waving.  We love you buddy!

Ben cheered so hard for everyone, but most especially for his big brother :)

This was the best picture I could get of Ryah Layne.  Sorry, V, I couldn't catch her smiling :(

Zeke was so busy smiling at us, he didn't notice Miranda trying to give him his certificate.  She finally gave it to another child to give to him.  It seriously took about 5 minutes before he took it.

Once he got it though, he was busy trying to get the necklace off and kept holding it up and yelling to me.

This is the vide of the kiddos singing.  Zeke got into it with one round left to go.

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Cyndi - YaYa said...

Sweet, sweet, sweet boy!! YaYa loves you!