Saturday, February 18, 2012


We are home!  Spence came and picked Ellie and I up.  She and I were so ready and had to light a fire under our nurse to get out of there.  (seriously at one point after we had discussed that we were ready to leave 3 times, she told Spence to pull up the car after he had already told her he was doing it and had done it.  I'm sure she was just busy and was trying to get everyone ready to go, but come on chic, I have other children to get home too!)
As we adjust to our new life, here are a few pictures of our first day at home:

 Dressed to go home

 Seriously tiny in the carseat

 daddy taking Ellie in (do you see how itty bitty she is in there!)

 Ben hiding from Ellie (the boys hide when anyone comes to our house... or goes to the bathroom, or happens to close their eyes for a moment...)

 Zeke was less than impressed by his sister's arrival

 Ben is seriously obsessed!  He told Spence how to undo her seat and take her out

 That's one proud papa

 We are a bit worried that Ben will get alcohol poisoning from the hand sanitizer because he wants to hold her all.the.time!

In the hospital, Zeke told us she was "so heeeavy" but at the house he said "she's sooooo tiny"