Thursday, May 15, 2014

staff retreat 2013

Spence, Haddie and I got to get away for staff retreat for a few days.  It is so so great to get together with the other staff and their wives and reconnect.  I love getting to meet newer wives to staff and seeing ones that go to a different campus so I don't get to spend much time with them.  It was so bittersweet this year because our church planting residents finished out their year with the retreat.  We had a sweet time praying over them and their wives (if they were there).  We also got to hear from the man who planted our church over 50 years ago.  He has such an incredible story and I loved hearing him talk about planting, leaving and serving in Vietnam for the majority of his career, and just sharing about his life in general.  

Haddie loves snuggles with Danny

She made some sweet new baby friends

Spence thought I would go with him to the top of the mountain.  Clearly, he forgot who he married.  But I was super proud when he sent me this pic of him from the top!

This girl

The residents

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