Monday, February 11, 2013

Spence in India

Spence and a couple other guys from the church got an opportunity to go to India and teach some local pastors.  It was a really cool trip for him to go on especially because some of our sweet friends happened to be there for the upcoming birth of their daughter.  Hurray for getting to see and love on some of our international church planting friends.  Craig and Spence worked together at the church for a couple years and we were also all in small group together before any of us had kids. Spence had such a great time with them and well, we missed him but survived here at home :)
Spence and Levi

Spencer and Craig

Garrett, Spence, and Daniel

Danielle, Levi, Craig, and Spence

Highlight of any day daddy was gone was getting to FaceTime

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