Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Ellie meets her BFFRSA (Best Friend From RSA)

The Eayr's are here!  The Eayr's are here!  I have been counting down the days until I could get to the airport and meet Amber, Trent, and Emie.  I have been waiting 10 months to meet Emie.  It is so weird that Amber and I are being moms with out each other.  I'm not gonna go there right now though.  Our girls are going to be great friends no matter what, we have already talked about it and decided.  They are here for almost a month and it is going to be so great hanging out and just getting to live life together for a bit.
Ellie and Emie meet

Instantly best friends

Ellie getting some AAA love

Uncle T is everyone's fave
In the background is Jonathon meeting Emie (such a sweet uncle)

Emie decided she wanted Ellie's giraffe (Marie decided immediately to go buy one)

My best friend is a mom

The girls

I was a bit worried that Trent wouldn't give her back

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