Saturday, December 22, 2012

Christmas Program at Grove Park Chapel

The boys had their Christmas program the week before Christmas.  Nana, YaYa, PawPaw, Aunt Tori, and Levi also came to see the boys.  The Thanksgiving show was fun, but this was just sweet.  Zeke's class walked in and he was dressed as an angel.  I was a wreck!  Seriously, do they plan to make you cry?! Then they sang and my boy, my boy, sang his little heart out.  The fours went into the choir loft and helped sing with the other classes.  Then Ben's class came out and he had on a little halo and wings and was of course all about the singing and shaking his little jingle bell.  The last song was everyone's favorite "Jingle Bell Rock".  Ben has been singing it for weeks already and I am pretty sure that wasn't the last of it...
Ellie entertained Levi before everything started


playing together

My sweet boy

Poor guys halo was a mess

Little wave from my boy

Shaking those bells was serious work

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Cyndi - YaYa said...

such a sweet sweet program... I have video ... I'm so glad we were able to come... both boys were so proud of themselves!!