Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Utah trip

In June, Young Living sent me on a trip to Utah to visit their headquarters and the lavender fields.  It was crazy and cool getting to go on a "business trip".  I missed Spence and the kids, but getting a full night's sleep 4 nights in a row, in a GORGEOUS setting, with much pampering was so so great.  Loved my time away and getting to learn more about the amazing oils that we love as a family.


visiting headquarters

the mountains were breathtaking

I got to meet the top of the team I am on, Lindsay :)

These are the baby lavender plants we got to plant

It's gonna grow big and beautiful and be someone's oil one day

Lavender selfie

Leaping in the lavender fields

It smelled like heaven

Seriously, those mountains

It goes from plant to bottled all on the farm.  So incredible to see the process

Everyone on my team that was on the trip

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