Friday, February 27, 2015

Diary of a church planter's wife- our first meetings

We had our first official meeting of Mercy Church on Sunday February 8.  We met in our house and had about 30 people who have signed on to move from Raleigh with us to Charlotte.  It was absolutely incredible

I stood in the back and I took this picture.  And just was blown away.  I had two thoughts as I sat watching Spence talk to our team.  One was "oh, no, this is real.  How am I going to tell Spencer that I can't do this and we are so not moving".  The other was "wow, it's happening and this is exactly what God has been preparing us to do."

The following week, Spence and I went to Charlotte to have our first meeting of the Charlotte based portion of Mercy.  I so enjoyed meeting everyone from there and putting names and faces together.  

It was so great how quickly people started making relationships and hanging out.  I loved watching everyone make connections.  It was seriously so good for me to see the groups and everything coming together.  Our second time for both groups was this past week and we attempted to video conference.  The tech part didn't go well, but the unity already was overwhelming.  I had to run upstairs for a second during our time and when I came back down I saw two people who hadn't known each other before praying together.  And ya'll that right there.  That is what gets me so excited and pumped up for all this.  It makes the moving and leaving friends and all the change so much easier.

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