Wednesday, July 9, 2014


Today is 10 years that we have been married.  I have had the honor to love this man for more of my life than I haven't.  I love the beautiful mess of a life we have created together.  And I feel so blessed to walk through everything together.
Here is a top ten of our first ten years of marriage:
*we have lived in 4 homes 
*we have 4 awesome kids
*Spence earned one grad degree
*we still dream big together 
*we have only both worked full time at the same time for a year and a half total- the first year of our marriage and then for 6 months before Zeke was born 
*Spence wrote a book
*we have loved and grieved Rae's death
*I am taking us on a crazy hippy oil journey
*we have dated each other the entire time
*we both worked on staff at the church

selfie from our anniversary photo shoot

Anniversary date night 
(chocolate chess pie from Angus Barn is my jam!)

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