Friday, July 15, 2011

Dear Keva

I don't really know how today is gonna go. I know I won't be able to say everything I want to say, so I am going to get it all down here. This is long and filled with pictures, so bear with me (oh and don't hate because there are pics you don't like).

I thought I would start back to when we met... err maybe not. Who wants to remember a tall crazy trendy girl wanting to take my head off? I am so glad that wasn't my only interaction with you. What that first impression has left with me is that you are someone who loves fiercely and will fight for those you love. I know that because I have witnessed it over and over again. When you first joined our small group I was so intimidated by you (see first time meeting), but then I was quickly so happy to get to know you and Trevor and Micah. It was a joy to learn your history and be able to go to you for prayer and support when Spence and I went down the path of fertility. Your wisdom helped me so much and kept "trying" to get pregnant in perspective. I am so glad that you have taught me that you do not have to give birth to be a mom. I learned so much from walking with you through getting Isaac home, and those first few crazy months. You have loved my kids like they are your own. Spence and I have adored being Mr. Spence and Mrs. Courtney to Micah and Isaac. Your boys have been such a joy to me and my boys. Your name is a favorite to be said around our house (and no it is NOT just because it is fun to say, they really do love you).

I have loved playdates and dinners, pool dates and girls nights. We have cried together and prayed together through marriage highs and lows. We have clung to one another unable to even speak through loss. We have walked through 9 months preparing for this day. Thank you for being strong for me when I couldn't. Thank you for crying with me when I needed that. Thank you for showing me your weaknesses and shortcomings and allowing me grace through mine.

I'm not really sure what I will do when I go a week with out seeing you, but right now I am not going to think about it. Instead I will end this letter that I swore I would never write with a slew of pictures that I have collected through out the years.

I love you, Keva (and Trevor, Micah, Isaac, and Chai) thank you for sharing life with us.

Playdate Jan 09

Easter 2011

The hubbies

The wives

Check out Ike and Evan being friends before their mamas were

Keva at staff retreat 08

Keva summer of 10

Best friends


Small group Christmas party 08

Sweet boys on a fun day at the pool

One of my all time faves of Ike

Isaac and Evan (so tiny!)

kids at a cookout

Red and Pink Party 2010 (will never forget this night, ever)

Girls night with Jill

Last Hurrah

With Abby

Out with Michal

MY girls


ImaYaYa said...

Safe journey for Keva and family...

Keva said...

UMMMMMMMM!!!! Wow! officially balling my eyes out. Oh how I love you and our friendship. thank you for your sweet words. I miss you something fierce.